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3 ways to measure your adaptability and how to improve i

Meet Natalie Fratto. A venture investor and writer.

Natalie invest in underestimated start-up founders and writes about how technology changes the world around us.

When Natalie is determining which start-up founders to support she doesn’t just look for intelligence and charisma. She looks for adaptability.

In this insightful Ted Talk Fratto shares 3 ways to measure your adaptability quotient and shows why its better to be adaptable than smart in a tech driven world.

Its our ability to respond to change that really matters.

Our ability to adapt to change doesn’t only get stretched within the work environment but also relates to our lifestyle and health. Using Natalie’s 3 measures of adaptability it could also help you make healthier decisions. E.g:

  • How do you alter your exercise program when it rains/snows and you can’t go for a run or get to the gym?
  • What should you choose on this menu, if eating out, that will taste good but still be a healthy choice?
  • Why have you just gained 2kgs this month and what steps can you take now to reverse this trend?
  • What substitute foods can you use of equal food value when foods items run out?

If you would like help with this approach to nutrition then contact me today.


(Ref: At the time of writing this Ted Talk has been viewed 1,123,834 times and was presented at an official TED Conference and is featured on the homepage of their website.)

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