Healthy Recipes

There is something really special about sharing healthy, great meals and recipes with family and friends.

Low fat white sauce

Most fine chef’s would have a fit to see a white sauce made without the traditional melting of butter and flour to make a roux. But we are endeavouring to reduce fat in this recipe without sacraficing flavour. What we have come up with is a substitute product that is quick and very easy to … Read more »

Lamb fillets in whisky sauce

Tradition has it that gravy is served with meat and a sauce will definitely make meat taste more interesting. However this needn’t mean that extra fat needs to be added to the dish. We no longer have to feel duty bound to base sauces on meat fat or dripping. This sauce employees the strong flavours of whisky and chutney but when making similar sauces you could also try using mint sauce or tomato puree with mustards or peppercorns. Lemon juice is also lovely with mint. Using these things to flavour meat dishes also helps reduce the salt normally added when using bisto, stocks or yeast extracts. Read more »

Vegetarian lasagne

When you come to make a vegetarian lasaga there are no rules. Just layer up your favourite vegetables. Pumpkin, aubergine or kumara are particularly filling but you could also add chick peas or legumes for added protein. Onion, garlic or leeks could also be added for a deeper flavour not to forget also fresh herbs such as basil, mint or Italian parsley. Read more »

Chickpea burgers

These chickpea burgers are very easy to make for a main meal but also are great if used for a party snack. You can shape them into balls, cook them and serve them on toothpicks or make them into miniture flat cakes and serve them on top of thick sliced cucumber with a dob of hummus to hold everything together. Read more »

Lea’s baked beetroot

Ingredients 1 large tin of baby beetroot 1Tbsp Olive oil 1Tbsp Balsamic vinegar 1Tbsp water Method Drain the beetroot, place in an oven-proof dish. Cook in a hot oven (200°C) for 10-15 minutes. While these are lovely on their own or topped with Tzatziki (cucumber flavoured yoghurt) you can also add other chopped vegetables such … Read more »

Stir steamed vegetables

Adding olive oil to vegetables may taste great but does add extra calories for the weight conscious. This method retains the colour, texture and flavour of the vegetable without the fat. Method Place vegetable sticks of slow cooking vegetables such as beans, carrot and yams into a large pot with 1cm of water and cook … Read more »

Lea’s camping salads

You can always rustle up a salad – yes, even if camping, when fridges and running water may be scarce. Here are a few ideas… Grated carrot and raisin Orange, currants and red onion Coleslaw Potato salad – with cooked dehydrated peas, corn or green beans Rice salad – spring onion and gherkins and/or celery … Read more »

Lea’s minestrone soup

Minestrone soup makes a nourishing meal and like many Italian dishes improves with time. So any leftovers always taste better the next day. Read more »

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