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IMG_3177Education research has shown that people learn in different ways.

Learning to form new habits can become difficult especially if you are learning via means not suited to you as an individual. Here at Lea Stening Health we aim to not only guide you through change, but also educate you via your preferred learning style. How do you learn?

Visual Learners

Learn through seeing. Often learning is assisted through seeing the educator’s body language and facial expressions. Pictures, diagrams, illustrated texts, videos, handouts and flip charts can assist these learners to absorb information in much greater detail.

Auditory Learners

Learn through listening. Speech alterations such as tone, pitch & speed assist understanding and allow appropriate context to be applied. Do you ever read things aloud to allow the meaning to be deciphered? Discussing issues, listening to other’s views and expressing own opinions often assist auditory learners.

Kinesthetic Learners

Learn through interaction; moving, touching & doing things. Really the best way to describe this is a ‘hands on’ approach. Physical involvement is often key as these types of learners may find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time. Learning is best achieved through being involved in the here and now, short-term goals are essential.

Verbal Learners

Learning comes through discussion, workshops and developing ideas. Writing and using words to express feelings. Use of varied language, tone and expressions can speed up these learners levels of retention.

When we developed all the resources to teach our programs we also took into consideration these learning styles. Over time these resources have had to change to keep up with technology. This is why we now use more audio visuals such as videos, power points, apps and colourful hand out materials. Our method of conducting interviews through Skype also meets the needs of all these methods of learning.

If you would like to discuss our methods of education to see if we can help you then do contact us today

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Lea Stening

Lea is one of New Zealand’s leading paediatric dietitians and also specialises in Sports Nutrition. She has specialised in Paediatric Nutrition for 31 years and in 1985 was the first paediatric dietitian to enter private practice in New Zealand. Lea helps families through her private consultations, public lectures, newspaper and magazine articles as well as television and radio interviews. Read more »

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