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Diabetes and antioxidants

Research indicates that oxidative stress (oxygen-related cell damage) may play a significant role in diabetic complications.

Patients with chronic diabetic complications have been found to have higher levels of oxidative products than others without any complications.

Elevated blood glucose levels seen in patients with poor glycemic control are the major cause associated with long term complications of Diabetes. Some studies have shown a beneficial effect of supplementation with Vitamin C or E on blood glucose control.

One of the major complications of Diabetes is an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, possibly due to an increased susceptibility of LDL cholesterol to oxidative damage. Studies have shown that Vitamin E supplementation decreases the susceptibility of LDL cholesterol to damage, possibly due to an associated reduction in by-products of oxygen related cell damage.

If you would like a nutritional assessment that includes Vitamin C and E, or Diabetes advice contact Lea Stening Health.

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Lea Stening

Lea is one of New Zealand’s leading paediatric dietitians and also specialises in Sports Nutrition. She has specialised in Paediatric Nutrition for 31 years and in 1985 was the first paediatric dietitian to enter private practice in New Zealand. Lea helps families through her private consultations, public lectures, newspaper and magazine articles as well as television and radio interviews. Read more »

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