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Be wary of saboteurs

Is your next New Years resolution to get fit and lose some weight?

Then it is important to be aware of the situations, people and things that can unravel all of your efforts over the holiday period.


They may mean no harm but when they continually joke about your efforts or try to lead you astray you may need to spend more time with those who are more supportive.


It can get busy. If you find that you are sacrificing your lunch or trips to the gym to meet deadlines then your progress is likely to stall. If taking your lunch to work and walking before the day begins is not an option then try to be more creative or enlist some help.


While they are usually good to see, if they stay for long periods it may interrupt your exercise and eating plans. Invite them on your walks after work and continue to eat in the way that you have chosen for yourself. In this way you can get healthier together.

Bad weather

Is something beyond your control. Plan some indoor activities for those odd wet days when it’s hard to get out for a walk.

Colds & Flu

These can slow your exercise and weight loss plans. Build up your immunity. Have regular meals, adequate sleep and try to reduce stress.

The Scales

These are a guide and not the only measure of your success. Notice the other positive effects of healthy eating: the change in your shape, increased flexibility, fitness and energy levels.

Old Habits

These can be changed. Be wary of sabotaging yourself through negative thinking, eating out of boredom or emotional stress. Surround yourself with positive people, learn to pamper yourself in non-nutritive ways and set realistic goals. If your concentrate on healthy eating, have plenty of exercise and fluids and you will soon feel the difference.

If you would like to make an appointment to get some help to get back on track then contact us now

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Lea Stening

Lea is one of New Zealand’s leading paediatric dietitians and also specialises in Sports Nutrition. She has specialised in Paediatric Nutrition for 31 years and in 1985 was the first paediatric dietitian to enter private practice in New Zealand. Lea helps families through her private consultations, public lectures, newspaper and magazine articles as well as television and radio interviews. Read more »

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