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Survival guidelines for Cup and Show Week

At The Races, ParisWhether you are heading off to the races or show you need to eat well in order to survive. It may sound a little extreme but it does take a lot of energy to walk around all day looking at the fashion, the horses and all the other animals.

Keeping up with the fun all week can be achieved for you and your family if you plan meals ahead and follow these simple tips

Plan to eat before you go

Whether you are going out for breakfast or having something at home make it substantial. Such as cereal, fruit and yoghurt or a poached egg with baked beans, mushrooms and tomato on toast.

Drink plenty of fluids

Start the day with two cups of water, tea or coffee and keep drinking water throughout the day particularly if the weather warms up as this will keep the energy circulating.

Mind the alcohol

The message this year is to slow down your drinking. Bubbles have around the same calories as beer so try drinking more lime and sodas in-between if you need to lose weight. Also avoid binge drinking because as you may know it increases the risk of breast cancer. Remember to appoint a designated driver; order a cab, or call up mum or dad if you need a ride home.

Plan to have a healthy lunch

If you can take a picnic then that is great. Alternatively ladies pop a filled roll into your handbag and some fruit. For those with small handbags snacks such as little packets of raisins, plastic wrapped cheese slices, a couple of muesli bars and a bobby banana will give you an energy boost if you are starting to fade late afternoon.

Treat foods

While there may be some treat food at the show less of this will be eaten if you eat a good breakfast at home first. Taking some picnic foods and snacks for later in the day will also save money and reduce the need to stop for takeaways on the way home.

Keep exercising

While a run around the park during the week won’t run off the fat you stored while drinking the extra alcohol it will help make you feel a lot brighter during the week.

Pace yourself

There are heaps of things going on in Christchurch during Cup and Show Week and you may also want to catch up with friends or family. It can all get just a bit too hectic (especially if you have children to organise). So if possible pace yourself; try to have some time free from organised activities to walk through the gardens, stop for a coffee or just sit down and read the paper. The break will do you good.

Remember the Sun Block and Hat

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