Nutrition is a relatively young applied science that is constantly advancing. Dietitians earn our credentials by keeping up with these changes and through our articles and newsletters we try to keep you updated too.

Milk in need of a makeover: Otago Daily Times

Milk is desperately in need of a “makeover” in marketing and nutrition education programmes for all New Zealanders. That was the message from paediatric dietitian Lea Stening, who also specialises in sports nutrition, at Business Side in Dunedin, held as part of the South Island … Read more »

New ‘Making Changes’ package announced

At Lea Stening Health we recognise that making changes does take time and that it is not possible to lose weight or to get fitter in one consultation. However making the decision to try may just take that one consultation to kick-start the process. Therefore … Read more »

Sunday Star Times interview

Lea was interviewed by the Sunday Star Times for an article examining the effects feeding habits in infancy have on the development of diabetes, obesity and heart disease in later life. The article appeared on the front page of the Sunday Star Times (12th February, 2012) and … Read more »

New website launched

Lea Stening Health are excited to welcome you to our brand new website. There are many new and exciting things for you to discover. Enjoy! Read more »

New clinic location at The Riccarton Clinic

Lea Stening Health is proud to announce its newest clinic at The Riccarton Clinic in Upper Riccarton, at 4 Yaldhurst Road, Christchurch 8041. This new clinic will replace the Ilam clinic at Healthworks House, a location we have been at for over 20 years. So … Read more »

New electronic newsletter format introduced

In order to keep you and our patients updated with the latest nutrition news our Lea Stening Health team have decided to replace the quarterly LeaAz newsletter with a monthly electronic nutrition news bulletin, that will link you directly to our website articles, ideas and recipes. … Read more »


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