Preteen nutrition focus 25th May-5th June

IMG_0618The nutritional intake of preteen children is the focus of Lea’s attention for the next fortnight as she teams up with Tom and Estelle on Chalk 96.1

Join them between 3-6pm over the next couple of weeks as Lea talks about Tom’s ‘bad ass’ diet and particularly how it makes him feel.

They will be exploring the diet of young people throughout NZ and all the environmental issues surrounding food in the preteens environment to find out how the food we eat affects mood, physical and mental performance and what being healthy really means to us all.

Lea will assess Toms diet and then talk about how he can turn things around. What foods should young people really focus on to be the best that they can be?

Join us also on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about how healthier eating is better for our environment, fairer for us all.

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