Lea teaches children in Khartoum

IMG_0438For the past 2 years Lea’s business has run totally online.

But an interesting request from her friend Isla McLeod, who teaches in Khartoum, provided a new challenge.

Let’s leave Isla to tell the story:

“Just before Christmas, my Year 4 class at Khartoum International Community School in Sudan had the pleasure of Lea talking to them, via Skype, as part of our Unit of Inquiry into How to Keep our Bodies and Minds Healthy. To support our school’s blended learning programme I asked Lea, who is also a friend, to take part in an educational session online whereby she could talk to the children and answer their questions.

To begin with my mostly Sudanese students filled out a daily food intake sheet and I scanned these for Lea. They also thought of questions they wanted answered and I sent these to Lea as well so that she would have an idea of their interests and understanding.

The session was hugely successful. For an hour the children were riveted with what Lea was showing and telling them through her slide show. There was a lot of interaction between Lea and the class and the children’s questions were all answered very professionally. The hour ended with Lea asking all the children to stand and say one thing that they would like to change in their lives to make them healthier and then sit down. It was a very worthwhile experience, especially for children who have very little access to good nutritional and lifestyle advice in Khartoum.”

A hand out was also provided in 12 languages to send home for the parents.

Learn what the children had to say about this nutrition education initiative in our success story section.

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