It’s my turn to cook tonight school holiday program

Its my turn to cookTiming

Runs 2 – 4 October



There are no fees to participate. There are great prizes for the kids and the whole family… details are on the website.


Is online

This program is UNIQUE and available ANYWHERE there is Internet coverage. This means parents have no travelling, no pick ups or drop offs – kids learn to cook in their own home, using their food, cooking their dinner. Location is no barrier to participation.


Kids love it

The program is hosted by teen Claire Gourley. She has the ability to motivate and inspire kids to share her food discovery journey. Feedback from kids on previous online programs is awesome.


Uses technology wisely

Kids love participating in live-chats, uploading images, watching You Tubes and making Internet cooking buddies. We ensure it is in a safe environment and we veto any comments before they are posted. Activities are designed to keep data use to a minimum.


Program is flexible – kids from a huge age range (5 – 16) join in.

We have mums, dads, caregivers and grandparents all having fun with their kids.  We also have a lot of kids who are over 14 who join in by themselves interacting with Claire, and others who get a friend over to cook and do the challenges together. During the program families and friends from up and down the country sit down to an It’s My Turn To Cook Tonight dinner!


It’s more than just cooking

We slip in all sorts of other foodie things – like making good food choices, reading labels, kitchen safety, budgeting, nutrition tips, food jokes plus they gain confidence both in the kitchen and on the computer. We send them to do challenges – like over-the-top table settings and random acts of food kindness – all fun activities designed to give kids practical food skills as well as a deeper understanding of food.


Kids who are food savvy have a huge advantage

Research shows kids who have practical food skills are far more likely to make better food choices. Kiwi kids need to be encouraged and supported to make good food choices.


We make it easy

We supply recipes and tips to get the kids sorted – all parents have to do is get the food in!


Find out more


With thanks to our sponsors whose generosity means it is FREE to ALL Kiwi kids*


*kids need internet access

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