Help is available for the Mega obese

People - Obesity MontageRecent media attention has focused on the plight of the “Mega obese”

After 40 years of working as a Dietitian Lea Stening is concerned about the soaring rate of obesity in NZ and the lack of government funding available for Dietetic services.

“Currently a patient could have 20 individual consultations with us for an equivalent cost of 1 night in a hospital bed” says Lea

“Normal nutritional guidelines provided by practice nurses, PT’s and kilo clubs are not sufficient to help obese people to lose weight.

This is because as obesity develops a person’s ability to metabolise fat and sugar begins to change. This can lead onto other health problems such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

When weight begins to limit a person’s ability to exercise they become more dependent on others for mobility and their freedom of living is compromised.

This is why these patients need to be referred to Dietitian’s who specialise in assessing the nutritional needs of individuals and creating bespoke  programmes that address all these medical issues.

Now that we offer an online service, getting access to a Dietitian is no longer a problem for those who have transport issues. All that is missing is the funding” says Lea

Lea Stening Health also supports the recommendation of the NZ Medical Associations for “Tackling obesity”

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