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What to do when you feel invisible

Feeling invisible, irrelevant, overlooked and as if your views don’t matter to others is a feeling that many people talk about these days.

It’s not just a feeling confined to middle-aged men and women or older folk coping with major changes in their lives. Young people are feeling this way too.

Concerned that such feelings could lead to mental health problems, depression, disordered eating etc I went in search of useful articles and found this one by Deepak Chopra who talks about how to feel seen again.

This article may help you to:

  • Think about what has happened to make you feel this way?
  • What are 5 steps you can take to turn things around and better understand the “what”, “how”, “when” and “who” triggers that make you feel this way?

Another article on the same subject by Linda Barnaby looks at “How to stop feelings of invisibility from stealing your joy” offers some practical ideas on how we can use thought to change how we feel.

The take home message that resounded for me regarding this subject is that feeling invisible is just that “a feeling” and no matter how painful it may be, it’s not real…we can still be seen. And given time and help we can move on to happier times.

I hope these articles might help those feeling lost or stuck in a negative vibe at the moment or maybe could help someone you know.

Note: If feelings of anxiety or depression persist do see your doctor. If these feelings have resulted in recent changes in weight, loss or gain in appetite that could be affecting your health then also contact us for a nutritional assessment.

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