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Vegetables for mind and body poster

I often get asked by people if they need dietary supplements and if so which ones to take?

Generally if you eat a balanced, fresh and healthy diet then this should cover all your vitamin and mineral needs.

The best part about eating whole foods is that they also provide other compounds such as dietary fibre, phytochemicals and antioxidants many of which feed the healthy bacteria in our gut that builds our immunity. have a wealth of nutritional resources that they can share with you and their new poster showing which vegetables can help the health and well-being of the brain, eyes,immune system, skin, bones/joints and digestion, is available now and free to download.

Should there be times when your needs for certain nutrients might be greater due to increased physical activity, illness, advancing age or malnutrition then talk with your Doctor or Dietitian

If you would like to have a nutritional assessment to check that you are eating enough of these foods to provide an adequate daily intake then do contact us

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