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Trending cardiovascular nutritional controversies

In the search for healthy dietary patterns around the world unsubstantiated health claims seem to pop up daily.

In this very concise review a team of cardio vascular specialists review some of these trends, the pros and cons and offer an overall summary of best practice and advice.

Trends covered include:

Eggs and cholesterol how many can you have?
Vegetable oils- which is best?
Berries and brightly coloured vegetables versus anti-oxidant dietary supplements- which is best?
Are nuts all they are cracked up to be?
What are the benefits of eating up your greens?
Is the popular juicing of food a good thing to do?
Whole food, plant-based diets are they helpful long-term?
Gluten free is it safe?
Which is the best dietary pattern: The Healthy US Diet, The Mediterranean Diet or Vegetarian Diet?

While this article is long, it is a thorough review for those who want to be in “the know”.

If you have recently changed your diet and feel better but are keen to also check it’s nutrient adequacy then contact us for a nutritional assessment. We are happy to help you find a happy balance between old and new ideas.

Freeman A, Morris P, Barnard N, Esselstyn C, Ros E, Agatston A,  Devries S, O’Keefe J, Miller M, Ornish D, Williams K, Kris-Etherton P
Trending Cardiovascular Nutrition Controversies. JCC 69 (9) March 2017

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