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Sparkling water is good for you right? Maybe not

We all know that sugar sweetened beverages (SSB’s) are full of calories with around 7 teaspoons of sugar in a standard can of coke.

So is it healthier then to be drinking sparkling water or sugar free drinks?

While these drinks do have nil calories recent studies at Birzeit University in the Palestinian territories has found that the carbon dioxide used to provide the gas in these drinks can also play havoc with the gherlin hormones that stimulate our appetite.

Comparing the effects of regular carbonated drinks; diet carbonated drinks; de-gased regular carbonated drinks and water consumption, by rodents and male humans, research has found that carbonated drinks induced changes in:

  • Increase food consumption
  • Increase weight gain
  • Increase obesity
  • Increase fatty liver disease
  • Increase blood glucose and cholesterol levels

in both humans and rodents in all types of drinks except water

Interested in knowing how this happens then read the full study

Another interesting finding is that carbonated drinks, diet as well as sparkling waters reduce the pH of the mouth increasing your risk of developing dental caries. Find out more

So while sparkling nil calorie drinks overall may be a lower energy option to drinking another alcoholic drink or regular soft drink, learning how to enjoy water as a treat will be better for your overall health and fitness.

For more ideas on healthier beverages see Lea’s article below

What’s to drink?

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