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Preventing falls at home and work

We all take our mobility for granted.

Living with the hope that every morning we will be able to wake up, throw our feet onto the floor, get out of bed and walk off into our day.

However for many people this becomes harder. Mobility can be compromised due to fractures and sprains, failing eyesight, medication issues, advancing age, failing cognitive function etc.

While we instantly think of elderly people being mostly affected by falls accidents within the home, sport or workplace can also be at fault.

If we want people to live independently in their homes for longer; to build better strength and balance as they age and to lead more active lives what ever their age, we need to put into place health programs that make this possible.

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What ever your age building a strong healthy body takes knowledge, time and effort. If you would like to check that you are eating enough to keep mobile then contact us today

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