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Jodi Mindell- The facts about your baby’s sleep

This Radio NZ interview with clinical psychologist Professor Jodie Mindell from St Joseph’s University in Philadelphia offers help to parents trying to get their child into good sleep routines

This interview tackles issues such as:

  • How to establish good sleep routines and how patterns of sleep differ culturally around the world?
  • Where do aids like bath times and pacifiers fit in?
  • Should I hold my baby until they fall asleep?
  • Should I share the same bedroom as my child?
  • What can I do to help my baby settle back into sleep independently if they wake up during the night?
  • It’s never to late to establish a better sleep pattern

You may be wondering about the significance of sleep to nutrition however there is now good evidence that parents and children who are well rested not only have better health but also sleep helps to regulate body weight and appetite.

For more information on this read Lea’s article:

Sleep deprivation affects nutritional wellbeing

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