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Is the sleepiness epidemic affecting you?

Sleep deprivation was once mainly associated with night shift workers and parents trying to re-settle their newborn babes.

However today advances in communications technology across time zones has made it easier and more tempting to work during the late night hours when we would otherwise be sleeping.

Research undertaken by The Australian Sleep Foundation has found that 33-45% of adults sleep either poorly or not enough most nights, leaving them to face a new day with fatigue and other side effects of sleep deprivation

Do you get enough sleep?

Find out more: 

  • The symptoms of sleep deprivation
  • The effects that this may pose to your physical and mental health
  • The estimated percentage of sleep loss in other countries.
  • The effects of sleep loss on productivity and injury

How much sleep do you need?

  • Tips from the Ministry Health of NZ for improving sleep for adults
  • How much sleep do children and adolescents need and tips for settling them.

Sleep health fact sheets from the Australian Sleep Foundation

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