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Heart health for women

Nearly 60 women die in New Zealand from coronary heart disease each week making it our biggest cause of death.

In our women’s population Heart Disease is under treated and overlooked.

Are you at risk?

Before you write this off as yet another illness that affects everyone but yourself find out more:

  • When should women get a heart check? –It could be a lot earlier than you may think
  • Smoking, being overweight or obese, having high blood pressure, diabetes or a family history of heart disease affect men and women alike but women are more vulnerable to these risk factors. Why is that?
  • How do other health factors such as menopause; polycystic ovarian syndrome; insulin resistance; body fat distribution; pregnancy and the contraceptive pill also increase the risk factors for heart disease? These things may be affecting women in your family/whanau
  • What causes a heart attack? What are the symptoms? What treatments are available?

Learn more

Also while you are thinking about this find out how old your heart actually is. If you are 45 but feeling 50 this heart risk calculator  might help you find out why?

Many of these risk factors are diet related and preventable so do see your doctor, have your blood pressure, blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels checked and then contact us for a nutritional assessment and chat about the best way to a fitter future

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