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Going lectin free is the latest pseudoscience diet fad

Beans and grains are good for us right? …right!

In this article from the Washington Post, Canadian dietitian Cara Rosenbloom talks us through the importance of beans and grains to good health.

Cara then goes on to explain the positive and negative aspects of the protein lectin that can be found in these foods and is leading to a budding industry of lectin free diets

Find out:

  • If there really are toxins in beans and grains then how would these affect you?
  • What foods and cooking methods should you be aware of to lower any toxic properties of lectin without lowering the nutritive value of the food?
  • Why is this a pseudoscience dietary fad and how can you spot a fad diet at 2 paces rather than 50?

Remember if you would like more information about Lectin or the goodness of beans and grains then do contact us

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