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Are whole grains good for you?

Low-carb diets have risen in popularity, but there are plenty of ways to eat for a healthy heart.

The Heart Foundation’s latest evidence paper Whole grains and the heart shows that higher whole grain and bran intakes were consistently associated with a 16-30% lower risk of heart disease.

On average, three servings of whole grains per day provides heart health benefits and additional benefits are likely with higher intakes. The Heart Foundation recommends focusing on simple, affordable swaps from refined grains to intact whole grains and high-fibre whole grain products. Whole grains are best eaten in place of refined grains within the context of a heart-healthy eating pattern that emphasises vegetables and fruit.

Learn more about:

  • Wholegrains and a healthy heart
  • What is a serving and what types of whole grains do you need each day?
  • 6 easy tips on how to eat whole grains

Plus the full evidence paper on Wholegrains and health i.e. heart disease, lipids, body weight, blood pressure, Glycemic control, inflammation etc.

If you are following a low carb diet but would like to ensure that it is heart friendly for you then contact us today

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