Woman’s health

Woman of all ages live busy lives as they balance their work and careers, needs of family and personal goals. Finding time for exercise and keeping well can be a real challenge at times. Good nutrition can help reduce stress, tension and tiredness and restore lost energy.

Alcohol and weight

Alcohol is seemingly the most respectable drug within the New Zealand social scene but could our consumption be contributing to New Zealander’s growing problem of obesity? Read more »

Walk more sit less

Take up the challenge! If you want to loose weight and get fitter you have to walk more and sit less right now. It has been estimated that if everyone in the USA were to walk briskly 30mins each day they could reduce chronic illness by up to 40%. If we did the same we … Read more »

Sports nutrition for triathletes

Ideally, experienced athletes will have started preparing months before their major event with an improvement in their baseline nutrition for body maintenance. Read more »

Exercise in pregnancy

Most pregnant women will benefit from aerobic and strength conditioning exercises, of moderate intensity, as part of a healthy lifestyle during their pregnancy. Read more »

The effects of early alcohol exposure on children

The human brain functions rather like a computer and the age at which a child is exposed to alcohol affects the ‘hardware’ (structure and size) and ‘software’ (processing ability) of this vital organ. Read more »


Listeriosis is a food bourne infection resulting from the consumption of contaminated food. Pregnant women and their unborn child can be at risk. Read more »

Alcohol in breastfeeding and pregnancy

As adults we have the right to decide if we would like to drink alcohol and how much we feel is an acceptable amount. If pregnant your baby relies on you to make the right choice. Read more »

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