Men’s health

Men often lead very stressful lives dealing with work and family pressures.Good nutrition can really help them to stay fit, keep in shape, improve their performance and enjoyment of life.

Eat your way to healthier nails

The quality, appearance and growth of our nails often reflect the state of our general health and the adequacy of some essential nutrients in our diet.

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Skin care for active people

The stress of competition, the sun and wind, sweat, chaffing and high sugar levels are just some of the things that can aggravate the skin conditions of athletes and very active people. Read more »

Could your weight be disabling you?

The human body is hugely resilient, constantly strengthening muscles and remodeling bones and joints to take up new loads. However as we age and weight is gained and lost, metabolic changes can take place that alter this remodeling process and can set us on a path to failing mobility and independence. Read more »

Energy boost for business travel

Ask the many men and women who travel for a living and they will tell you that while it may seem a glamorous lifestyle, it is not only hard work but hard on their health too.

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Peer pressure

Swimming against the “peer pressure” tide can be hard if we don’t want to offend our peers. Perhaps we lack self confidence, we don’t want to “rock the boat” or draw unnecessary attention to ourselves or to upset the social plans of others.

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Have you lost your “mojo” lately?

As we head towards Valentines Day and into the romantic month of February, many people are telling me that they feel that their mojo has been buried under the city rubble, along with their homes, business, hopes and dreams. It has been replaced by feelings of depression, stress, anxiety and weight gain. Read more »

Nutrition for healthy conception

If improving your fertility is on your mind right now then take a moment to review your current lifestyle.

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Aim for consistency in children’s feeding regimes

Research shows that around 300,000 parents in NZ raising their children alone. Consistent nutrition messages are important to child health when care is shared between parents and other family members. Read more »

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