Children 0–2 years

During the first two years of a child’s life a great deal of physical and mental development is taking place. As a child moves from breast milk towards solid foods this can also coincide with childhood illnesses, teething, allergies etc. Talking through these issues with a Dietitian can really help to support parents as they learn how to meet their child’s nutritional needs.

Allergy awareness

At Lea Stening Health we do not do allergy testing, but once a diagnosis has been made by an Immunologist and/or a Pediatrician we can offer specific help and advice Read more »

Exercise and pregnancy

If exercising during pregnancy, what are the risks and what forms of exercise are the safest to undertake? Read more »

Allergy awareness during pregnancy

Can a woman’s diet during pregnancy offer protection from food allergy? Read more »

Exercise in pregnancy

Most pregnant women will benefit from aerobic and strength conditioning exercises, of moderate intensity, as part of a healthy lifestyle during their pregnancy. Read more »

The effects of early alcohol exposure on children

The human brain functions rather like a computer and the age at which a child is exposed to alcohol affects the ‘hardware’ (structure and size) and ‘software’ (processing ability) of this vital organ. Read more »


Listeriosis is a food bourne infection resulting from the consumption of contaminated food. Pregnant women and their unborn child can be at risk. Read more »

Alcohol in breastfeeding and pregnancy

As adults we have the right to decide if we would like to drink alcohol and how much we feel is an acceptable amount. If pregnant your baby relies on you to make the right choice. Read more »

Fish for good child nutrition

Fish is great for the health of adults but is it safe for children to eat? Read more »

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